Horse Dialog App – Download for free!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Horse Dialog App that enables you to organize and record all your horse appointments such as vaccination reminders, farrier visits and worming among other details. It is free to download from the App store. step by step guide on getting started with the App- Getting started with Horse Dialog App If you are having problems feel free to ask a vet for help when they are next on the yard.

Horse Dialog app download instructions

Medication control section of passports to be signed

Due to the recent controversies regarding horse meat found in some food products the authorities are asking that we ensure all horses treated with bute (phenylbutazone) have the relevant medication control section in the horse’s passport to be signed that the horse is not for human consumption. We would ask that you have your passport available when your horse is treated so we can ensure the paperwork is signed and so we can add this to our records for your horse should any future treatment be needed.